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Birthflower Bracelet

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"May the flowers remind us why the rain was necessary" Xan Oku

Flowers are the world’s greatest gift. They posses beauty that always makes us smile. They bring us closer to nature symbolising joy, admiration and even hope. 

Runaway Rosy Birthflowers are unique and hand drawn to capture the wonderful emotions that flowers evoke in us. Each flower celebrates you and gives more meaning to your birth month. Imagine wearing one and feeling proud of how special it is and what it symbolises.

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About this Design

Disc Size:
Approx. 14 mm

Chain Length:
Available in 15 cm | 16 cm | 17 cm | 18 cm | 19 cm
Total length includes discs and clasp.

Materials Used

Made with Precious Metals

All gold designs are made with 14k Gold Filled

Sterling Silver designs are made with locally sourced, .925 Australian Sterling Silver

Recyclable Materials

Left-over metals are returned to supplier for recycling so nothing goes to landfill.

Not Fast Fashion

14k Gold Filled can last up 30 years without turning your skin green. Your meaningful pieces can be treasured for years, with proper care.

• .925 Sterling Silver can last forever

Making and Shipping

Your gorgeous piece is lovingly handmade and takes some time to make. It will be made and shipped in 3-5 business days after you place your order.